25 Dissertation Titles Examples You Can Use For Inspiration

Coming up with a dissertation title is a challenging task. The title is a kind of introduction to the whole PhD thesis. It’s a concise description of the aims and results of the profound research work you managed to carry out. You have to choose a title that will give your reader an insight into the very essence of your study. If you don’t manage to create a powerful title, you run the risk of giving your audience the wrong idea about your dissertation subject matter. Therefore, the title of your PhD thesis should be smart, catchy, and reasonable. Here are 25 dissertation title examples you can use for inspiration before you actually start thinking out your thesis title.

  1. Legal approaches regarding international migration policies.
  2. Brinkmanship diplomacy and pro-peace policies as international peacekeeping instruments.
  3. Psychological aspects of immigrants’ adaptation to a new language and cultural environment.
  4. Modern headhunting approaches: corporate websites as advertising instruments.
  5. Cause-and-effect relationships between technological advancement and consumers’ purchasing capacity.
  6. Prosperous business and marketing success: an insight into marketing strategies.
  7. International strategic marketing as an integral part of globalization.
  8. Advertizing policy development: traditional mass media versus social networks.
  9. The importance of carrying out the preliminary research: interrelation between market success and potential customers’ analysis.
  10. Linguistics advancement: contemporary translation tools and techniques.
  11. Evolution of consecutive translation: history and modernity.
  12. Legal aspects of anticorruption efforts: does the law allow for effective cleanup tools.
  13. Fair competition legislation: an instrument to prevent monopoly.
  14. Legal aspects of insurance regulation on a worldwide basis.
  15. Comparative analysis of legislation systematization methods: systematization, incorporation, consolidation.
  16. Peculiarities of company law application: legal aspects of a voluntary liquidation.
  17. Commercial contracts in civil law and common law systems: comparative analysis.
  18. Evolution of Lexis and the grammar of the English language.
  19. Sonnets: the unique poetic measure’s examples and their authors.
  20. Emily Bronte and her Gothic novel: the phenomena of English literature.
  21. Insights into biological sciences: the history of the phenomenal success of germ theory in the 19th century.
  22. Challenges regarding teachers’ training: methodology and key problems of preparing an English teacher.
  23. Inalienable human and civil rights: philosophy, policies, legislation, and international enforcement tools.
  24. Present-day challenges of travel companies: global warming and its impact on international tourism.
  25. Humiliation or education: missionary work in the annexed territories.