Is There Any Way To Get Free Dissertation Proofreading Help?

When your dissertation is finally written, it’s time for proofreading. This is a very important stage of the work because if you committee finds plenty of mistakes in your paper, your score won’t probably be very high. To edit your draft effectively, you’re likely to need somebody’s help. Unfortunately, the majority of professional sources demand payment for their services. However, there are places where you may get free proofreading help too.

  1. Your friends and relatives.
  2. Although, your friends, parents, and other relatives may not be professional editors, their assistance might be very useful too. They didn’t write your paper, so they don’t know it as good as you. This fact makes their views on your work more objective in some way. They may notice not only grammar mistakes, but also some weak spots in your text that seemed rather decent to you. However, you shouldn’t rely on such assistance entirely. It’s important to make your own efforts in editing.

  3. Online sources.
  4. It’s possible to get decent and free dissertation proofreading help on the Internet. First of all, you may download applications that check texts for grammar mistakes. Of course, this method isn’t perfect, you can’t be sure that a program will find every last error, but this will buy you some time nevertheless. Another option is to post parts of your text that should be amended in your opinion on student forums. You’re likely to get plenty of useful feedback there.

  5. Academic writing centers.
  6. There are many organizations that provide services related to academic writing. This applies to proofreading as well. Although, most of such centers demand money for their services, some of them are non-profit organizations and work for free. You may be sure in the quality of their services because these centers hire only professionals to work for them.

  7. Your professor.
  8. Additionally, you may use your professor’s help. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to finding grammar and spelling mistakes. It’s advisable to consult your professor when you have a paragraph or even entire section of your dissertation that should be rewritten. Your professor is an experienced instructor who has read a lot of students’ papers, so he or she will give you decent explanations on how to make your text better and what you should pay attention to.

These are the free sources of help that you may use when proofreading your dissertation. However, if you want your paper to be of the highest quality, it’s advisable to save some money and hire a professional editor.