20 Great Sample Dissertation Topics In Education

Writing your dissertation on the subject of Education gives you plenty of opportunities to try something new, interesting and unique. It also gives you the chance to get your ideas out there, ideas that could potentially change the way we think about Education as a whole, which might have exciting knock-on effects later down the line. Below are 20 great sample topics for you to browse and, hopefully, use to change this subject area for the better forever. The first 10 are given in a bit more detail and the second 10 need no explanation.

  1. What advantages do children who go to preschool have over those who do not?
  2. Is going to preschool always a good thing, or is it sometimes better to keep your child home, being a child?

  3. What age is the best time to send a child to preschool?
  4. Different countries take children in at different ages. Is 18-24 months a better starting age than, for instance, four years?

  5. Should languages be taught in primary schools?
  6. So many primary schools in Britain do not teach languages; in other countries, English is taught from a very early age. Should Britain follow this example?

  7. Should we put more emphasis on learning practical life skills than academic matters?
  8. Most children can write an essay arguing persuasively about something from the start of secondary school, but many do not know how to do their taxes even after college.

  9. Are GCSEs easier now?
  10. You can also write about A levels getting easier or harder.

  11. Should we test primary school children less?
  12. There is a lot of testings - is it all necessary?

  13. Should standardised testing be eliminated?
  14. Is testing a good way of getting children to learn?

  15. Do girls, and boys learn better when separated?
  16. There are all girls’ and all boys’ schools. Do children who attend this fare better overall?

  17. Should we stop increases in university tuition fees?
  18. Education is a right. Or is it?

  19. Should we get rid of private schools?
  20. It can seem as though the rich get a boost while the poor are left to suffer.

  21. Do teachers in private schools work better?
  22. Do private schools put more emphasis on the arts?
  23. Is home-schooling a good or bad thing?
  24. Should we be spending more on adult education?
  25. The government should offer a better range of classes for adults. Discuss.
  26. Do home-school children have more behavioural problems than other children?
  27. Should creationism be taught in schools?
  28. Should children who bully be expelled?
  29. Are teachers more or less dedicated now than 20 years ago?
  30. Should teachers be taught self-defence?