10 Unexpected Social Policy Dissertation Ideas for University Students

University students who major in social policy often have to write dissertations. This is an essential part of their study program, so they should keep in mind the requirements of their supervisors and start working on the assignments as soon as possible. It’s necessary to select a good paper idea first.

On the Web, every student can find plenty of tips about how to select a good dissertation topic idea. However, it’s always helpful to have a list of examples to get inspired. The following list contains ten unexpected social policy dissertation ideas for university students:

  1. Child abuse: social workers’ best practices.
  2. Write a detailed literature review, select several good practices from different countries, and compare and contrast their effectiveness.

  3. Social housing residents: typical problems and prospective solutions.
  4. Provide typical characteristics of this housing, mention governmental programs that aim to help house homeless people, and determine related issues.

  5. Relationship between level of income and homelessness: potential solutions.
  6. Calculate the correlation between the levels of income in the area and rate of homelessness. Describe and analyze your findings.

  7. An intervention in social policy by the state: case study of the decision made by Ian Duncan Smith.
  8. Smith introduced smart cards that provided benefit payment to troublesome families. Analyze the change of the role of central government, and focus on reactions of different parties.

  9. Community-based social policy networks: the role of solidarity.
  10. Analyze whether solidarity can help low-income communities improve their living standards.

  11. The middle class in different countries: how different approaches influence social policy.
  12. Determine what is considered as the middle class in different countries. Analyze how it affects people and what can be done in order to decrease inequality.

  13. Religious welfare organizations: manipulating the vulnerable.
  14. Describe a typical faith-based welfare organization, find out whether there are any of them in your area, and discuss whether their activity should be banned.

  15. Aging population: the state care policy.
  16. List the problems that a society faces when its population is aging, describe the best practices applicable in your area, and evaluate their effectiveness.

  17. Children with special needs: discrimination issues.
  18. Explore how other children, teachers, and administrative staff might discriminate against children with special needs, study what the legal responsibility is, and describe an example situation of how a community dealt with such problems.

  19. A famous personality in social policy.
  20. Choose a famous personality, analyze his or her impact on a society, and describe the mistakes that were made and the lessons learned.