Ten Successful Medical Dissertation Ideas to Look Into

The field of medicine is an important field to work within and study because this is the industry that helps change and shape lives. Effecting change in a person’s health has the ability to save a loved one, create seemingly impossible opportunities, and open other channels for progress. When working on your medical dissertation, you want to be sure to select the proper topic for optimum success. Your dissertation is one of the last steps to receiving your PhD--for this reason you want to make sure you are successful. You have come so far in your graduate and undergraduate education; the final steps should be done just right. We have outlined ten successful medical dissertation ideas for you to explore and use for inspiration. Also, we have included some tips to utilize when making a selection.

Explore and Inspire

  1. Going Green in Medicine: How has the green movement effect medicine? What beneficial and malignant results have we seen as a result.
  2. Vaccinations and Autism: Many believe the tie between vaccinations and Autism is not present. What evidence do we see to support or negate the idea of correlation between vaccination and Autism?
  3. Cutting-Edge Cancer Treatment: How has cancer treatment advanced? What role does technology play in this?
  4. Advances in HIV and AIDS Information: We see many people live life with HIV without ever experiencing AIDS. What developments in AIDS/HIV information have made this possible?
  5. and many more...

  6. Cell Phones and Cancer
  7. Science of Biological Warfare
  8. Controversy of Gluten
  9. Coconut Oil for Health
  10. Technology for Hearing Impaired
  11. Robots and Amputees


  • Consider Originality: When writing a thesis you want to be sure the same research work has not been overdone. The intention of your thesis is to get it published, so by choosing original and interesting content you certainly increases your odds of publication.
  • Select on Personal Interest: Make sure the topic is not only a strong idea, but something that interest you. This will be a long writing process, so by choosing something that you find interesting you create more engaging and entertaining work for yourself.
  • Do Preliminary Research: By completing some preliminary research before really diving into the work you are able to determine whether or not your topic of research has enough available resources.
  • Appoint Adviser: Finally, make sure to appoint an adviser. This will be someone you can consult throughout the entire process for their constructive criticism.