A List of the Most Inspiring Linguistics Dissertation Topics

Writing a linguistics dissertation can be one of the most difficult tasks you will ever encounter working within the field. The work will represent the end of your academic graduate work and be the first step towards your professional career. It’s important that you do your research on a topic that is challenging, interesting and proves to advance the field of study. Here is a list of 10 of the most inspiring linguistics dissertation topics for you to consider:

  1. Discovering the language needs of immigrants or refugees. What language needs are the most important to them? For instance, do people need to express themselves or do they want to acclimate?
  2. Describing the language change of adolescents. How do music, television, and dialects affect change? Will the change be large enough that we will notice a significant change in language in the next 20 years because of these factors?
  3. Culture in language when providing an understanding of the abstract. How do different peoples around the world talk about the abstract such as time and existence? What are some of the most difficult ideas to translate from culture to culture?
  4. Describe how the use of a language is an extension of personal choice or style. How does it relate to the way people dress or the kind of music that people listen to?
  5. How does gender affect how a person learns a second language? Are there physiological reasons or are there cultural or social reasons that have a greater influence?
  6. An analysis of the principle of experimental phonetics. What does this promising sub-field of linguistics say about the direction of the discipline is heading?
  7. What are the challenges and opportunities to be had with bilingualism in professional careers and academics? Should bilingualism be promoted more so in early education?
  8. What effects does bilingualism have on other parts of the brain and learning? Can students do better in other subjects when they are fluent in more than one language?
  9. An analysis of lower standards of education concerning second-language learning in junior high and high schools. How is this connected to lower standardized test scores?
  10. How will foreign languages spoken by immigrants affect the evolution of native languages in English-speaking countries? How does technology play into what you predict will happen?