Where To Find A Dissertation Literature Review Example

Literature reviews are very important parts of dissertations. In this guide, you will know about the significance of literature reviews and the process of writing them. Some other related dissertation guides are bibliographies and referencing, dissertation writing, avoiding plagiarism and critical reading.

The guide focuses on the relevance of the literature review while composing a thesis or a dissertation. But the same formula of writing literature reviews can be used to compose literature reviews for reports and essays.

Literature review: the basics

Among the key academic skills required to construct a dissertation, literature review holds a place of its own. The literature review:

  • Helps in locating the focus of the research paper within the academic circuit
  • Tells readers about how the researcher perceives the relevant literature on the subject
  • Your contribution in attempting to address in that literature research.

In some cases the literature turns into a project itself, especially in postgraduate research. This is nothing but evidence of the talents of the researcher. It is because when you prepare any research paper then certain things you are suppose to present. You take information from the relevant book and then write in your won word. In doing so your clear concepts and won thought regarding the subject matter are need. It shows your depth of knowledge in the subject matter.

Your literature review should be up to dated with the current afire so that the questions you would included in your research seems to be relevant. You should be humble while representing your research ideas. You should not emphasis on your research ideas rather you should present it as an option that it may help. You must not show conviction on your ideas.

Purpose of the literature review

  • Which research questions do you ask?
  • Reason of asking that questions?
  • Is there any similarity with other?
  • Relevance of your research to the concerned person?
  • Known matter regarding the topic?
  • How your research would help in the existing theories and meet the challenges required

Take help online

Pay close attention to this resource to know how literature reviews can be composed in a dissertation. There are some very good sites that hold decent material and also give you examples of literature review. You may take a look at some of these sites and make your choice later. Also, refer to social media posts on dissertation literature reviews. You may find some help there as well.