How To Deal With Writing An Outline For My Dissertation

The planning part of your dissertation will determine the level of ease you will have when writing it. You may require some initial help from your teacher or professor, but in the end, most of the planning and work will be up to you. Here are six pointers to help you compile a decent outline that will take most of the frustration out of your writing process.

Have all the components on a list

Ask your teacher what your dissertation requirements are and write all of these on a list in the right sequence. These will likely include a proposal, an abstract, and a detailed bibliography—among others. Use all of these to compile the skeleton of your dissertation.

Determine your main sections

Within those guidelines, you will be able to determine what content will be filled in according to your chosen topic. This is not something you do in half an hour. Take your time to determine chapters that follow the rule of theory, method, and discussion.

Write one sentence under each division and sub-division

Make sure to double check the order of each section and subsection you create. Once you have done so, write a key sentence under each heading. This could be a guide that you leave for yourself, or an opening statement that gets your thoughts aligned when you start that paragraph.

Write up a research plan

Create an easy to follow research plan which will serve to guide you later on. This will simply include places to look for information, what information should be sought, and what methods of discovery you will utilize. You can also use this research plan as a reference to write your introduction, as these points should be discussed in a dissertation.

Use markers for yourself

Another strategy that will help you is to add little instructions for yourself throughout your outline. Notes like, “Insert image here” or “Place 1995 abortion stats here” will guide you through those sections when you come to them. They will also help you to write meaningful content around those segments.

Use a sample as a template

A great way to ensure a high standard is to purchase a good sample dissertation online. This will give you a good idea of what a dissertation outline should look like. Having a sample to work from is also helpful in many other ways, because it acts as a style, format, and structure reference too.