How To Choose Unexplored Topics For Dissertations: A Quick Guide

Completing any degree can be difficult, especially when dissertation time rolls around. The purpose of a paper is to discover new knowledge in field of study.  Finding this "undiscovered" knowledge is the hardest part of doing any dissertation. You may be under the impression that finding an explored topic for your paper is a complete impossibility, right? Wrong! Believe it or not there are some as of yet uncharted waters that can be used for you to complete your breakout paper. Depending on the type of degree you are looking to obtain, the list of topics that you can consider is often long. However, there are ways that you can whittle down the field and find a topic that is unexplored:

How To Choose An Unexplored Dissertation Topic

  • Begin by reading dissertations in your chosen area of study.  Reading the work of other students can give you topic ideas that may be useful. It will also allow you to see what has been done already.
  • When you are looking to find papers to read, begin with the library at your school. Generally they keep an archive of every dissertation that has been written at the school.  You can also check for sample papers online, since the majority of college and university sites include a section on dissertations that you can read from students in the past.

Narrowing Down Your Topic

It is likely that you already have a rough idea of the topic you want to discuss in your paper, but for it to be unexplored , you need to narrow down to a sub-topic subject that the dissertations you read haven’t covered at all. Here are some ways to consider for narrowing down the list and coming up with a good unexplored topic of your own.

  • Think back to all the knowledge you have acquired over the years you have been studying. Think of all the subjects and sub-topics that you have covered. Is there a new topic that your professors may have mentioned that is a fresh idea? Get out your research books if the answer is yes!
  • Utilize newspapers, the news, and any other potential sources to find topics from within your field of study. Search for these topics online, and then narrow it down by which ideas are the most recent.

As a little bonus, here are a few unexplored topics to consider:

  • Mixed-usage eco resorts and villages: An untapped territory: A place to live and a place to visit. Will it work?
  • Virtual tourism: Vacations simulated by technology: With virtual reality technology becoming available, eventually a completely realistic virtual holiday will come into existence. Discuss when you think this may happen and what interesting features it is likely to have.
  • Managing international activities: How should companies organize and manage activities throughout the globe?