Thesis Help: How Not To Get Scammed By Your Provider

Being scammed when you get academic help is painful. It can expose some of your deep insecurities as well as lead to the missing of deadlines. Those are some of the more minor consequences. If your involvement reaches the ears of your professor you could find yourself being kicked out of your school. If the scam was intense enough, aside from taking your money for a bogus paper or no paper at all, you may find your identity stolen and copious goods being purchased under your name by strangers. This is not good for you at all. Check out the following tips you can use to prevent this from happening.

Keep good records

If you ever intend to take the matter to the authorities you should let the company know at all stages that you want receipts and other documents that can be used to formulate a good case. You can also let the company know the reason you are being this meticulous. It may not be much of a threat to a company that is accustomed to being criminals but if you are with an agency that does good and bad work this may swing things in your favor.

Research the company well

The paper trail you construct will not be of much use to you if it leads to a false address. Before you consider working with a company, make sure that the address they are registered in is actually their own. Other things you should find out include:

  • The average level of academic training the writers tend to have
  • The nationality of the majority of writers (if this is relevant to your writing)
  • The percentage of reviews they receive which can be categorized as negative
  • The quality of the samples listed in their free section
  • The availability of extra services at no charge

This information can help you form a more complete idea of how legitimate the company is.

Bonus tip

If you have no idea how to avoid being scammed and the tips given do not inspire you enough, the option exists to write your own paper. There are many free sources of assistance you can look into. These include download-able templates, style guideline summaries and even plagiarism checkers. The completion of your own work need not intimidate you.

Which methods you apply will depend heavily on your personality and the approach you take to academics.