How To Create An Excellent Dissertation Of Five Chapters

When that time of the year comes when you have to hand in your projects, stress levels sky rocket. The issue can get very complicated, especially if you haven’t taken time and learned about the main ways in which you can improve your writing skills. At the PhD level, the quality of your dissertation will determine whether you are getting the doctorate or a referral. It is therefore vital to take time and educate yourself on what makes a great paper and what to avoid. Here are a few helpful tips.

Formulating a general idea

The first step that you should take is coming up with a great thesis idea. The words that will get the attention of the doctorate committee looking at your dissertation are original and substantial. However, this does not mean that you use the words even if you know that the paper you are writing is neither of those things. Formulate an idea that gives a new spin on the already researched upon theses. Present it in a manner that will capture the attention of the committee and have them wanting to learn more about the topic at hand.

Definitions and terminologies

When you use vocabulary in your text, and then fail to define them in context, you have made your document vulnerable to several interpretations, some of which will not be positive or good for your dissertation. Avoid using terms in more than one way as this will create ambiguity. Also, repeating words creates redundancy and the essay will look unprofessional.

Things to avoid

A dissertation is a well analyzed and researched document. There are word and sentence types that have no place in the thesis. First, never use jokes or puns in a dissertation. No one will take your research seriously when you are cracking jokes about it. Also, avoid adverbs and use strong words instead. For instance, instead of saying ‘very important’ choose words like ‘vital’. Words like perfect, ideal, pure and true are also judgmental and should be avoided at all costs.

Those are a few tips to help you write a great dissertation. In case these rules sound a little limiting, you can check another website that comes highly recommended for their tips and advice on dissertation writing. Besides providing guidance, they also help you come up with an outline for your dissertation and if you need any help, they will write the entire document for you.