How To Get Professional Dissertation Writing Help For Free

Writing a dissertation is no easy task and the more help and support that you can get the easier it makes your task as you will feel less isolated and more motivated. But like most things including help there is a cost, but by spending a little time investigating a few options may get you some quality help that is free.

  • Professor. Don’t discount using your professor for some writing support. The downside to using your professor for writing help is that they are very busy, so schedule an appointment with them as soon as you can. Ideally you need to identify what you need help with before you meet with you professor. A really clever move would be to email your professor with your concerns before the meeting. That way they have time to read through or make some notes before the appointment.
  • Instructions. Make sure that you keep a copy of the instructions for completing the dissertation. This can save you valuable time in the long run and the instructions may come complete with a few suggestions for dissertation writing help.
  • Colleagues. Colleagues or other students. Through talking about any area of difficulty that you may be experiencing will help identify the solution or others may offer to read through and comment on your work (edit).
  • Learning Support Department. You will probably have to make an appointment to meet with one of the learning support tutors. Do this as soon as you think that you may need some help. Be warned this department is usually the busiest department in the school or college, especially around exam time.
  • Online. There are a few sites that offer free writing support. Generally these are homework support sites. Their support may come in the form of video tutorials about how to write a dissertation or may come in the form of a tutor. Tutor sessions may be free to start with but may incur a charge if you need substantial support. Tutor support may come in the form of contact through email or through a real time communication system. Either way do make sure that the tutor has some knowledge of your area of study as well as the level at which you should be studying and that they share the same first language as you as a lot can get lost in interpretation.