Where To Look For A Dissertation Proposal Example In History

If you are working on an advanced degree in history, you will most likely need to write a dissertation on a specific subject. This dissertation will need all of the required elements, like a bibliography, the actual paper, and a proposal. In order to properly write all of these pieces, it is helpful to have samples. But, finding the samples can be a challenge. Here are some ideas to help you find not only a complete paper on a historical subject, but a dissertation proposal, too:

Check out college writing labs: One of the best places to look for any writing sample is an online college writing lab. These are full of everything that will help you improve your writing. You can watch tutorials, read about grammar usage, or find samples of narrative essays. Many of the bigger universities sponsor these labs and they are maintained by graduate students who are pursuing degrees in writing.

Investigate the dissertation database at your school: If students have written major papers at your school, there will be a database that is full of them. As a student pursuing an advanced degree, you will have total access to the database so you can see what the major paper should look like. You can use a paper to find a sample that will help you with your writing and you can use the database to be sure that your topic is unique.

Visit a non-profit tutoring site: There are plenty of non-profit tutoring sites that provide information about all types of writing. Many of these sites will have information about dissertations, especially because people who staff the sites often have advanced degrees. Some of the best sites also have tutorials as well as examples.

Ask your instructor: If you prefer not to dig around the Internet for sample papers, you can always ask your instructor for help. In order to instruct an advanced degree class, you will need to have written your own dissertation as well as a proposal. You might get lucky and your instructor will share his or her paper with you.

Ask a peer: Your classmates are usually good resources for help with your paper. Your classmates might already have the proposal written or they might have a resource that you can use to complete yours. You never know what you will get until you ask!