How To Decide On Your Dissertation Topic Without A Hitch

Without question, one of the most feared events in any student’s academic career is choosing your dissertation, research, or term paper project. However, the truth is choosing your research topic does not have to be any more difficult than your homework essay assignment. If you follow these easy tips, you will be well on your way to picking a topic not only worthy of an “A” but of being published even as a freelance article.

Four Essential Keys to Deciding on Your Dissertation Topic without a Hitch

  • Choose your advising professor wisely. Often overlooked, but critical to selecting a paper topic easily, is selecting your advising professor. Almost everyone has a favorite teacher that you share similar interests with. So approach a professor that you work well with and that you share similar academic interests with about advising you. For example, if you have an interest in early feminist writers like Elizabeth Stuart Phelps and Lydia Maria Child, and there are two professors who teach in that area choose the one whose personality is most similar to you.
  • Be creative. After you have picked your professor, now you are ready to begin thinking broadly about your topic. While this may seem scary, it is best to think of it as a fun exercise. Remember you are free to write on subjects that interest you. So if you are a history major and love football write about the use of scab players in pro football. A dissertation topic, for a freelance article, is about whatever the writer wants it to concern.
  • Do not go out on too much of a limb. While no research topic should be disregarded initially, once you start investigating broad topic areas you may find, certain areas do not have a lot of academic work. Thus, if you are interested in writing about selfie sticks and their proliferation in the United States, there is not going to be a significant amount of pre-existing research to rely on.
  • Use scholarly sources only. A term paper is different than a homework assignment in more than just its length. It is a serious academic work one that should explore something that has not been discussed before in academia. Therefore, the information you rely on to support your position must be vetted.
  • Talk it out. Before making your final selection, go over your ideas with your friends and any professor you are close with. Friends and professors can provide great insight on the size of the challenges you are thinking of accepting. Moreover, they too may have experience in selecting a topic and may provide you with valuable insight from their past practice.

Ultimately, deciding on your topic does not have to be any harder than choosing an essay topic. In fact, if you remember these keys, you will likely find selecting a topic to be even fun.