A List of Good Dissertation Writing Ideas To Impress Your Professor

Writing a dissertation can be a true challenge to anyone no least of which to the struggling student that is having a hard time with thinking of a topic. Fortunately, I am putting together a list of 7 different writings topics that can be used for any writing paper and especially a dissertation. Each of these will have a short elaboration to provide some fundamental ideas within it to help students draw on in their attempt at putting together their dissertation.

  1. Global economic inequality. A major problem for many nations across the world is the huge income disparity that causes their countries to suffer in the field of development because they lack the infrastructure necessary to accomplish progress in many areas.
  2. The Ebola Epidemic in West Africa. The Ebola virus has been largely contained but for many people it is a major problem still and with the effects of globalization it could always be a renewed problem if someone were to spread it further.
  3. The conflict in Ukraine. A deepening and unstable problem in the region and for the world. Does Russia have a rightful claim over territory with ethnic Russians under a western-backed coup regime that showed deep hostility toward them?
  4. Rising tension in the Pacific. In the South Pacific Ocean, there are a number of deeply seated territorial disputes between China, Japan, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Which of these nations has a rightful claim based on a coherent standard? This could provoke a major war that would be devastating to all involved.
  5. Healthcare Reform. President Obama enacted a massive healthcare overall that had created a number of problems with many people both for and against it. Has this been a positive change that has helped many people or has it been an overall net drain on the economy?
  6. The influence of media in politics. Media has very disparate impact on politics while politics among other sectors of society cannot affect it, in the same way, does represent a reasonable system?
  7. Climate changes results. A contentious subject for many people, does climate change represent a significant and credible threat requiring immediate action to help the planet for future generations. This is one of the broadest topics in contemporary political discourse and can be a deep well of information for a good topic.

Try these topics as they are rich with many possible dissertation ideas that can be used to make a truly outstanding piece of writing if used correctly!