Where to Go Looking for Good MBA Dissertation Examples

Your MBA dissertation is the pinnacle of your academic career. It should also be your absolute best academic writing piece. Some or all of it will be published, you will argue it, and experts in your exact field of study will read and will review it. To model it after other fine theses is a good way to build a solid structure. You do not want to put pen to paper until you have designed that structure and build your outline template. When looking for MBA dissertation examples you can go to the library, seek out a writing tutor, hire a writing company, or request them from your student advisor.

Go to the Library

All major fields of study have libraries on the campus. You should be familiar with this library by this point of your scholastic career. You should go to the library and request to see the archived dissertations.

Seek Out a Writing Tutor

A tutor can be expensive, but well worth the cost. Think of the tutor as you backup support system. The tutor can help with all stages of the massive paper. Additionally, the tutor should have access to sample theses. Ask you tutor, it if they do not have examples, ask him or her to get you examples. You are paying them and this is not an unreasonable request for you to make.

Hire Writing Company

A writing company will charge you less than a tutor will charge you, but the expenses may still add up. You can speak with your representative at the writing company and ask for him or her to compile some models for you to look at. This is a reasonable request. Your representative will probably have a folder of samples for you to peruse.

Request Them from Your Student Advisor

Your student advisor is supposed to help you. Of course, some of them do more than others. It is perfectly fine for you to ask him or her to show you some models. In fact, this should occur in the first meeting the two of you have. You may not be able to take the models with you, but you should be allowed to study them closely.

When looking for theses MBA models, visit your library, hire a personal tutor, use a writing company, or request them from your student advisor. All of these places should have examples for you to scan and study.