How To Write A Dissertation Research Review: A Brief Manual

As you already know, your dissertation is extremely important an extremely difficult to create. It will take weeks before you can make the first draft, and you will still have a lot of work to do. Even more, you can be required to create other compositions, like a research review. This is usually so complex that it can be considered a separate project, even if it is connected to the dissertation. Since it will be analyzed and corrected by your professors, you have to make sure that it’s impeccable from every point of view. This brief manual will give you some hints:

  • Discuss the topic in detail. You already created your dissertation, so you know everything there is about the topic and the main ideas. In your review you have to explain why your composition is important and relevant, therefore you must expose your subject. Try to be as explicit as possible so any reader can know what to expect from your main project.

  • Write about the relevant information that is available on this subject. For this next step, you need to be familiar with all the books, research papers and documents that focus on the same topic as you. You must describe the most important ones, and mention what they bring for the subject. You can use quotations, references and pictures to expose your ideas clearly. It is more than fine to criticize some of these publications, and to say what are they missing and how could the book be improved.

  • Go back to your dissertation. Now is the time to explain why your paper is important or relevant. Of course, you can not do this by writing your opinion only; you must use smart arguments and references to your composition. What is the purpose of your dissertation? Will it bring any benefits? Can it be considered important for this particular topic?

  • Try to solve any conflicts. Very often you will find contradictory ideas in different books. If you are up for a challenge, you can analyze these conflicts and express your opinion on this issue. This will make your review seem extremely professional, and your professor will be interested to read what you think. Besides, you will prove that you studied every piece of literature available on this topic, and everyone will be impressed.