How To Organize Your Dissertation Proposal Defense: Vital Hints

For many students, the dissertation proposal defense is the most scary thing that they had to face. You did not write your thesis yet, but you have to motivate in front of your professors why you want to write about this topic and how this can benefit the world. Also, you want to be sure that they accept your proposal, otherwise all the research that you’ve done is senseless and you will have to find another interesting title. Take a look at these hints on how to organize your defense:

  • Be subjective and realistic. When you want to impress someone, in this case your professors, it’s easy to exaggerate with the benefits of some things. For example, you can end up saying that your composition will benefit the humanity and it will change the life of millions of people. If this is really the case, go ahead. However, if you feel that your subject is not that important, you should keep it simple and concise. In the end, they just want you to write a good composition, not to discover the next eco-friendly fuel.
  • Give some general details about the subject. You can’t expect your professors to know everything, especially if your topic is uncommon. Before you explain why you want to write about this thing, you have to explain it to them. Try to stop yourself from using complicated words or discuss about sensitive issues; a few sentences about the main ideas are more than enough.
  • Explain how you will make research. Your professors want you to be creative, not just copy some information from the internet. To get their approval you have to find new research methods, or think about taking an interview from a famous person. This will make them agree with your ideas because they will be eager to listen to what you have to say.
  • Explain what is missing. Alright, there are dozens of papers on this topic, so why you should write about it too? Well, you will have to take a few examples of famous papers and explain them what the authors forgot and how good and complete your composition will be. Of course, you will have to be clear and honest the entire time, and don’t talk about an idea in your defense if you are not sure that you can investigate it.