Recommendations On How To Turn Your Dissertation Into A Book

It is a big step to take when you decide to turn your dissertation into a book. This is an important step that many people don’t take. Some people view this as a life-long dream to write a book and others just don’t seem to care. If you are one of those people who always wanted to have your dissertation become a book, here are some ideas for making that happen.

Think about your dissertation as a book while you are writing.

When you are writing your dissertation think about who you want to be reading it. If you want many people to read it like undergraduates, write it so it would be interesting to them. The first thing students will read is the introduction and the conclusion. Make sure you work extremely hard on the contents of these two sections since these are also what the critics and everyone else will judge your dissertation on.

Try to shorten your dissertation if you are thinking of making it into a book.

Money talks in all aspects of book creating. Publishers are always looking for ways to cut corners. Many of them are going out of business because they can’t make ends meet. Most publishers are now extremely selective on what books they publish because they need to only publish ones that will sell. They will take a chance on a shorter book because longer ones just are too costly.

Know your market and gear your dissertation in that direction.

It is important that you know who will be reading your dissertation or what type of market will be interested in the contents. Once you have found that, you can research the books that are already published in that field and see what is making them popular. You will want to make use of their better selling points and incorporate them into your dissertation. This will also come in handy for your cover letter because it will show the committee that you have thought ahead and been proactive where the market for your dissertation is concerned.

Try to make your dissertation informative, inspiring and interesting.

Even though doctors and professors are more interested in information and content, there is nothing wrong with making it interesting. Publishers don’t care about the content, they are interested in what sells and if your dissertation is boring, no one will want to read it. Make your dissertation an easy read and it will be very popular with the presses and have a better chance of being made into a book.

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