20 Great Suggestions For Writing A PhD Dissertation In Computer Science

One of the hardest papers that you will be asked to write to obtain your PhD will be your dissertation. It is designed to conduct a study on a new aspect of your field of study that has not been previously studied. You will need to come up with a solid topic about something that is unique, interesting, and relevant. You need to write on a unique topic because the idea is to add to the overall knowledge in the field of study. You want to write a paper that is written well enough to be published and it may be used by future students when they are conducting their research.

Choosing a topic for this paper is hard mostly because the topic has to be rather specific. You can’t write this paper on a general topic because the idea is to conduct a study and you can’t do that on a general topic. You will have to decide on a specific idea and conduct your research on that topic. Here are some great ideas. You may need to narrow them down a little bit more by focusing on one aspect but they are pretty specific so that you will be able to concentrate your focus and your research. Once you have found a topic, you need to start developing your dissertation proposal so that you can get your topic approved.

  1. Prosthetics: controlling them with your mind
  2. Robot Hector: prepared for self-awareness
  3. Public speaking: technology that you can wear to help
  4. Sub-Micron Optical Switches
  5. Brain in the grocery store: index strategy for making decisions
  6. DNA Nano-machines: Nano robots abilities
  7. Supercomputers: advantages for colleges
  8. Nano laser: use of single atomic sheet
  9. Wearable micro-sensors
  10. Cybercrime
  11. Quantum device: fixing errors
  12. Household robots
  13. Self-driving cars
  14. Quantum teleportation on a chip
  15. Computers that can mimic brain function
  16. Carbon nanotube computing
  17. Frustrated magnets: hints to their unhappiness
  18. Nanoscale speed bump for high-speed data flow
  19. Smart Drones: uses and convenience
  20. Computer model: development of blood

These suggestions should get you close to deciding on a topic. You may need to modify them a little to make them a bit more specific and to make sure that it is a unique topic since there is no way of telling how many other students used this same list and found the exact same topic interesting.