A List Of Unique Master's Thesis Topics In Criminology

Despite being somewhat disturbing in many ways, criminology is a hugely popular subject to study. Unfortunately, this means that many of the Master’s thesis topics available are rather stale. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of unique Master’s thesis topics in criminology to help you write an exceptional paper.

Identity theft

Identity theft is becoming a greater problem, despite tighter controls on personal information. What are the primary reasons for identity theft? Are any new reasons for identity theft developing? How do we curb this growing problem?

Black widow killers

Black widow killers are women who murder their spouses or romantic partners. What is the primary motivation in most black widow murders? Do these women fit a certain profile? How can this sinister crime be prevented?


In certain poverty-stricken communities, shoplifting may be seen to be acceptable behaviour. Are there any other communities or social groups in which shoplifting is believed to be acceptable? Are there any social groups that actively encourage shoplifting?


Wild fires are a major concern in many dry areas in countries all over the world. Are many wild fires actually started by arsonists? How can we ascertain whether this is actually the case? If arsonists do set lots of wild fires, is there any possibility of actually catching these incredibly destructive criminals?


Torturing criminals is illegal in most countries across the world, with good reason. Is torture of convicted criminals ever justifiable? Are there any instances where torture could possibly be justified before conviction?


Counterfeiting money is the practice of making fake money. Are rates of counterfeiting decreasing with the decreasing use of cash? Does all the anti-money laundering legislation that many countries have curb counterfeiting at all?

Domestic violence

Domestic violence encompasses a number of different actions, such as physical violence. Is the legal definition of domestic violence broad enough? Is it too broad to be of any use? Or should it be broadened even further?

Malicious damage to property

Malicious damage to property involves damaging another person’s possessions. How often is malicious damage to property part of a dispute between people who know each other? How often is it part of a domestic violence incident?


Computer hacking is rife, and it’s only getting worse. Who are the main targets of hackers? What are the main motivations behind hacking? How can potential hackers be dissuaded from committing this crime?

Art theft

Theft of extremely valuable art is a surprisingly common crime, despite the difficulty in selling very famous stolen pieces. Who actually buys this stolen art? How can these criminals be apprehended?