An academic guide: essential elements of a good dissertation

Your dissertation may be one of the most complex papers that you will write in your studies. It is designed to test your ability to think deeply, create arguments, follow strict rules, organize technical discussions, and present your argument. It is a way to communicate with other professionals.

There are some essential elements that have to be included in writing a good dissertation. If you are able to get these essential elements into your paper, you will write a successful piece. Let’s look at these essential pieces.

Title and Abstract

The first page of your dissertation will be the title page. It should be set up in accordance with the formatting style that you school or teacher set up. The abstract will go on a separate page all by itself. It will describe the study and the scope of the piece. It should summarize the study. It should include information on the introduction, background, hypothesis, methods, results, and conclusion. It is like the back jacket of a book. It draws the reader in.


The first important piece of a good dissertation is the hypothesis or thesis. This is the research question that you are setting out to prove. Once you have done some preliminary research, you will develop a thesis or hypothesis. It will become the main reason for your paper and the main point that you will prove. Your entire paper will gravitate to this thesis. It is the heart of your paper.

Literature Review

All of the sources that you use to complete this paper will be listed in your literature review. You will need to properly cite your sources and include a brief summary about the article as well. This will be included in its own section and will not bleed into the text of the paper. This should include all the sources that you used for background information as well. The reference page may only include the sources that you used in your paper. Often students get help at a custom dissertation writing service with their literature review.


Any technical terminology that pertains to your topic should also be included. It is important to use a source to define the terminology and to not just put it in your own words. The reader needs to know that you are using the correct definitions and that you understand the terminology and are using it in the proper context.

Study methodology

Your dissertation should include the study methodology that you used. You need to explain how you conducted your research and how you plan to answer your hypothesis.

Presentation of information

Present the information that you have gathered from your research. This is where you would present the bulk of your information.

Analysis of information

You now need to analyze your information and draw some conclusions. This is probably the bulk of your paper. After your results have been presented, you want to explain how they are relevant and explain what the results mean.


The sources that you used to write your paper should be listed in proper format and alphabetically in this section just like you do in all other essays that use citations. The formatting is the same for this section.

Your dissertation paper should include all of these elements. In order to make sure that you know how to set it up properly, you should get a dissertation sample. It will help you format your paper and ensure that you have properly included the necessary elements.

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